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ISAP-EPASG Conference "Integrating Knowledge and Innovating Therapies", 21 April 2017, Vienna, Austria
- Hartmut Derendorf: Pro-Con MIC vs. TKC: Why MIC is Poison for the Mind and Kill Curves are more informative
- Alasdair MacGowan: Pro-Con MIC vs. TKC: Pro MIC - Contra TKC
- Sebastian Wicha: Preclinical PK/PD - Towards a General Pharmacodynamic Interaction Model 
- Elisabet Nielsen: Preclinical PK/PD - The Role of the Immune System
- Bernd Jilma: Translational PK/PD - The Role of the Immune System
- Thomas Walsh: Clinical PK/PD - The Role of the Immune System

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