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News January 2021

Virtual US/Australian Virtual ISAP Scientific Meeting 

As discussed in our Annual Meeting in the fall, we wanted to initiate a ‘time-zone optimized’ virtual meeting series to foster scientific exchange and give our Young Investigators the opportunity to present their research. We are happy to announce that we will start this series in the US/Australian time zone on February 2 2021 5 PM (Orlando time) / February 3 2021 9 AM (Melbourne time).
The meeting will start with a keynote presentation, delivered by two excellent speakers from our community:
Dr. Cornelia Landersdorfer (Monash University, Australia) and Dr. Jürgen Bulitta (University of Florida, USA) will deliver a presentation entitled

 ‘Novel approaches to leverage molecules assays and disease-specific pharmacokinetics for translational antimicrobial pharmacology’.

After the keynote, there will be opportunities for Young Investigators to present their research.

The following Young Investigators will present their research:



Xingchen Bian

Is withdrawal of polymyxin breakpoints by CLSI justified: A Chinese perspective on intravenous polymyxin B for the treatment of bloodstream infection caused by multidrug-resistant Gram-negative pathogens.

Akosua Adom Agyeman

Evaluation of meropenem and tobramycin combination dosage regimens against hypermutable Pseudomonas aeruginosa strains via the dynamic hollow fibre infection model and mechanism-based modelling.

Nitin Patil

The Critical Role of Position 10 Residue in the Polymyxin Antimicrobial Activity

Yang Hu 

Perturbations of gut microbiome in mice by polymyxin treatments 

Yinzhi Lang  Novel cassette assays to quantify the outer membrane permeability of β-lactams in carbapenem-resistant Gram-negative bacteria
Alaa Sayed Inhibitory Binding Profiles for β-lactams and Penicillin-Binding Proteins in Mycobacterium abscessus
Jieqiang Zhou Thermal stability of β-lactam antibiotics in broth, agar and water: Precisely achieving target concentrations in vitro by supplement dosing algorithm that offset thermal degradation
Yan Zhu Unculturable Acinetobacter baumannii escapes from polymyxin killing via dependent

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