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News July 2019

ISAP mourns the loss of Johan Mouton 

Johan Mouton MD, Ph.D, passed away on July 9, 2019.  Johan was the President of ISAP from 2002 to 2004, one of the founding members of EPASG, and on the steering committee of EUCAST.  Johan received degrees in biology (Msc 1983), medicine (MD 1988) at the University of Utrecht, and completed his PhD in 1993 and training as a consultant medical microbiologist in 1994 at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. Johan’s influence on the field of Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics was immeasurable. He spent over four decades studying the optimization of antimicrobial therapy and preventing resistance emergence through application of PK/PD principles.  Johan published a plethora of landmark papers, many of which standardized approaches in our field. An excellent example is his paper on standardization of PK/PD terminology for anti-infectives which has been cited over 400 times.  Johan strongly defended inclusion of PK/PD in the establishment of EUCAST breakpoints. His energy and drive was inspirational. There has been an outpouring of love and support for Johan from Scientists and Friends around the world. He will be dearly missed by our ISAP community.

Francoise Van Bambeke: “I am completely shocked by this very sad news. He strongly defended inclusion of PK/PD in the establishment of EUCAST breakpoints”

Zack Bulman: “This is extremely sad to hear. He was a true leader in our field.”

Juergen Bulitta: “Johan, will always remember you serving as the AAC editor for my first papers. Thank you for being a vivid and leading member of our community.”

Otto Cars: “We have lost a great  leader, inspirator, educator and a very good friend.”

William Couet: “Talentous and hard worker, happy to share his knowledge, but also curious and open to suggestions, Johan was a great leader and very pleasant partner. We'll miss him.”

Hartmut Derendorf: “Johan was so creative and full of energy, a tremendous inspiration and kind person”

Lena Friberg: “This is so sad, we have lost a  strong PKPD enthusiast with vast amount of knowledge. I will truly miss him as a person, and always remember his smile and inspirational energy”.

Jian Li: “Johan was really inspiring and we will miss him a lot. Johan was such a nice colleague in our community and made enormous contribution to PK/PD over decades Johan was not only a great scientist but also a wonderful friend.”

Roger Nation: “The news about Johan's passing is extremely sad. He made enormous contributions in the ID and antimicrobial chemotherapy arena and thereby to medicine more generally. His scientific and clinical acumen will be greatly missed, as will his insightful and inspirational role in so many organisations including EUCAST, EPASG and ISAP. With his research activities and publications, he was both prolific and, importantly, highly influential. As a result, his contributions to improving the use of antimicrobials will continue well into the future. Most important also, he was a wonderful and generous person. He was a great friend and fun to be around. He was a very special human being.”

Elisabet Nielsen: “Johan contributed enormously to the field of PKPD of antimicrobials, and we have lost a great leader, researcher, colleague and friend

Ursula Theuretzbacher: “He was a driving force in PK/PD and never ending supporter of this field. Whenever I had a specific question he always had an answer or at least had thought about it. We will miss his expertise and incredible experience and knowledge… I can't even think about any field where he was not instrumental.”

Paul Tulkens: “Johan was really inspiring and we will miss him a lot.”

Brian Tsuji: “Johan was an amazing leader in PK/PD for many decades who changed our field. He was always so inspiring with so much energy and passion.”

Thomas Walsh: “This is a tragic loss of a dear friend and colleague who contributed so very much to our understanding of antimicrobial agents and who mentored an entire generation of investigators in pharmacology.”

Sebastian Wicha: “Johan’s papers were the first ones I had read when I started my research career in PK/PD and I will also always remember the workshops he taught with so much passion at ECCMID”

Markus Zeitlinger: “At the moment we are too speechless to express how important Johan was to EPASG and the whole field of antimicrobial PK/PD and what a special person he was”