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Current membership includes scientists, medical microbiologist, infectious disease specialists, pharmacists, those working in the pharmaceutical industry, and other health professionals interested in the field of antimicrobial chemotherapy.

Anyone with an interest and professional experience in PK/PD, dosing, resistance of anti-infectives,  and outcome of antimicrobial therapy can apply to become a member of ISAP. We welcome applications from everywhere worldwide.

Membership of ISAP gives a number of important benefits:

  • Free attendance of the annual post-ICAAC ISAP symposium
  • Access to member-only education resoures and e-learning materials
  • Detailed information about ISAP projects
  • Regular e-communications with access to the 'members- area' website
  • Access to member-only resources (current presentations, publications), grants, programs and awards
  • Blog: Networking and feedback from other PK/PD specialist
  • Discounts on specific scientific books

To apply to join ISAP, fill in these forms and complete as required. If you do not have other members to propose and second your application you can send your application with a CV. Your membership will become active on approval by the council and receipt of membership fees. 

Full individual membership fee: 100 Euro
Postdoctoral members: 50 Euro 
Student membership: free

You can choose to pay your membership fee by bank transfer or by credit card by filling in the appropriate forms.

Renew your membership!