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Annual meeting 2019


Optimised dosing of antibiotics – understanding PK/PD, clinical breakpoints and therapeutic drug monitoring

A 2 day course on PK/PD of anti-infectives was held as a pre-meeting to ECCMID at April 11 -12 2019 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. The course was organized in collaboration with EPASG and EUCAST and very well attended.

EPASG course


Scientific Meeting of ISAP

Standing on the Shoulder of Giants: A Tribute to Alan Forrest.

This year’s ISAP scientific meeting started with a session remembering Alan Forrest, who passed away in August 2018. Alan was a wonderful friend, mentor, colleague and a true inspiration to our community and beyond. In this open session, a number of ISAP members shared personal and scientific memories of Alan with the attendees.

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Brian Tsuji Roger Nation


Young Investigator Session

Immediately following the educational course, a Scientific Meeting was held in association with EPASG. As per the ISAP tradition, the meeting focused on the presentation of the research of Young Investigators. With 12 presentations from Young Investigators, a diverse group of studies in antimicrobial PKPD was discussed by the knowledgeable speakers. The slides of the presentations can be found in the Archive (available after login for ISAP members).

Young Investigator presentations:



Vincent Aranzana-Climent

Use of a semi-mechanistic PK-PD model to quantify the combination effect of polymyxin B and minocycline against polymyxin-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii

Xiaoting Hua

Formation and evolution of multi-drug resistance plasmid in Proteus mirabilis

Ahmed M. Fathalla

Polymyxins co-localise with different cellular organelles in human macrophages

Jessica R. Tait

Piperacillin/tazobactam plus tobramycin against a clinical Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolate: optimising combination dosage regimens in a dynamic in vitro infection model

Johanna Seeger

Exploring the exposure-effect relationship of levofloxacin against fluoroquinolone resistant Escherichia coli isolates in a dynamic in vitro infection model

Hajira Bilal

Pharmacodynamics of meropenem - tobramycin combination dosage regimens against clinical hypermutable Pseudomonas aeruginosa at simulated epithelial lining fluid concentrations in a dynamic biofilm model

Shachi Mehta

“PK/PD” type of modelling approach to support time-kill data interpretation of cefoxitin for the treatment of Mycobacterium abscessus 

Alina Nussbaumer-Pröll

Comparison of antimicrobial activity and pathogen mutation prevention of originator and generics of cefepime, linezolid and piperacillin-tazobactam

Khalid Iqbal

Towards target site-specific breakpoints combining microdialysis, time-kill curves and physiologically based pharmacokinetic (PBPK) modelling: A case study with moxifloxacin

Sebastian Franck

Boosting the immune system to enhance amoxicillin activity: Insights provided by semi-mechanistic PK/PD modelling

Jinxin Zhao

Battle to the end: uncover the interplay among the host, pathogen and polymyxin in a murine Acinetobacter baumannii bacteremia model by the dual transcriptome analysis

Dinh H. Vu

Determination of optimal loading and maintenance doses for continuous infusion of vancomycin in critically ill patients: population pharmacokinetic modelling and simulation

Congratulations to Sebastian Franck (Freie Universität Berlin / University of Hamburg, Germany) who received the newly introduced Alan Forrest Young Investigator Award for the overall best presentation. Congratulations to Shachi Metha (University of Poitiers, France) and Alina Nussbaumer-Pröll (Medical University of Vienna, Austria) for winning the two runner-up awards in this session.

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Markus Zeitlinger (Chair of EPASG), Zackery Bulman and Sebastian Wicha (Chairs of the ISAP Young Investigator Session), Shachi Metha (Young Investigator Award winner), Thomas Tängdén (Treasurer of EPASG), Sebastian Franck (Alan Forrest Young Investigator Award winner), Alina Nussbaumer-Pröll (Young Investigator Award winner) and Brian Tsuji (President of ISAP).

ISAP Friday April 12 2019

All participants of the 2019 ISAP Meeting

Social Reception

The meetings above were followed by a social gathering in the lobby of the conference hotel Blijdorp Rotterdam to discuss latest news on PK-PD and beyond and to meet old and new colleagues and friends.

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