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Postgraduate courses and workshops in Europe

11 - 12 April 2019
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Optimised dosing of antibiotics – understanding PK/PD, clinical breakpoints and therapeutic drug monitoring

3 - 4 June 2016
Tübingen, Germany
Individualized Medicine in Infectious Diseases: a Practical Approach

13 - 16 April 2016
Lyon, France
Population Modeling and Dose Optimization with Pmetrics and BestDose: Antimicrobial Applications

19 - 21 November 2015
Warsaw, Poland
Improving the Dosage of Old Antibiotics
Please note that there is a grant available to help attendance at this course with a deadline of September 1st.  The registration deadline for this course is 5th October 2015.

5 - 6 November 2015
Ferney-Voltaire, France
Moving Antimicrobial Stewardship Forward in Special Population Settings

2 - 3 October 2014
Annecy, France
Postgraduate Education Course
Infection Management in the Elderly: A Wide Room for Improvement


6 - 8 October 2014
Liverpool, United Kingdom
Postgraduate Technical Workshop
Advanced Antimicrobial Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic Modelling and Simulation


16 - 18 September 2014
Linz, Austria
Postgraduate Technical Workshop
3rd Workshop on Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing and Surveillance

Technical WS EUCAST   Technical WS EUCAST2

4 - 6 July 2014
Nijmegen, The Netherlands
Postgraduate Education Course
Bringing PK and PD in Fungal Infections into the Clinic

PEC-antifungal-PKPD-1wCourse Coordinators
• Roger Brüggemann, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
• Joseph Meletiadis, Athens, Greece
• Ursula Theuretzbacher, Vienna, Austria
• Andrew J. Ullmann, Würzburg, Germany

Course Objectives
• To learn PK/PD principles of antifungal therapy
• To learn the pharmacokinetic differences among different patient populations
• To understand resistance mechanisms of fungi and their impact on antifungal treatment
• To learn how to use in vitro susceptibility data and to understand what breakpoints mean
• To explore the utility of therapeutic drug monitoring, the principles of dose adjustment, and how to optimize the therapy
• To understand the different clinical approaches of antifungal therapy and prophylaxis
• To learn how to apply antifungal stewardship in your centre

Faculty Members

Roger Brüggemann, Nijmegen, The Netherlands              Joseph Meletiadis, Athens, Greece
Werner Heinz, Würzburg, Germany Johan Mouton, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
William Hope, Liverpool, United Kingdom Livio Pagano, Rome, Italy
Christine Imbert, Poitiers, France Maurizio Sanguinetti, Rome, Italy
Evelyne Jacqz-Agrain, Paris, France Ursula Theuretzbacher, Vienna, Austria
Johan Maertens, Leuven, Belgium Andrew J. Ullmann, Würzburg, Germany
Oscar Marchetti, Lausanne, Switzerland Paul Verweij, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

The ESCMID PK/PD Study Group organized a 4-day technical workshop in Athens, Greece, Oct 8-11, 2012
A Statistical Approach to PK/PD Analysis in Practice
Course Coordinators
•     Eleftheria Mavridou, Nijmegen, NL
•     Joseph Meletiadis, Athens, GR
•     Johan W. Mouton, Nijmegen, NL
Course Objectives
•     Provide guidance on how to implement adequate statistical analysis to evaluate the pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic data
•     Understand PK/PD indices, principles of CART analysis and how to apply these to establish
clinical breakpoints
•     Learn how to perform univariate and multivariate analysis, linear and nonlinear regression
analysis, including the ins and outs of the Emax model
•     To clarify the principles of pharmacokinetic parameters (peak and trough levels, volume of
distribution, area under the concentration curve) and the factors that affect them
•     Explain how to perform compartmental and non-compartmental pharmacokinetic analysis
•     Understand how to measure and analyse drug combination effects and how to determine
synergy and antagonism, including the Greco and Bliss models    
•     Perform analysis with different software programs
Faculty Members
•     Saiden Abbas, Nijmegen, NL
•     Roger Brüggemann, Nijmegen, NL
•     William Hope, Manchester, UK
•     Pavol Jancura, Nijmegen, NL
•     Klaus Skovbo Jensen, Copenhagen, DK
•     Eleftheria Mavridou, Nijmegen, NL
•     Joseph Meletiadis, Athens, GR
•     Johan W. Mouton, Nijmegen, NL
•     Anouk E. Muller, Rotterdam, NL
•     Ursula Theuretzbacher, Vienna, AT