The International Society of Anti-Infective Pharmacology is an interdisciplinary scientific society for the study of pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics and for the improvement of dosing of anti-infectives.

The Society efforts are focused on expanding basic and applied knowledge in this area of chemotherapeutics through the organization of symposiadiscussion workshops , and educational workshops with international participation, in connection with major scientific meetings dealing with the chemotherapy of infectious diseases (ICAAC, ICC, ECCMID ...), and other scientific societies with common interests, and Regulatory Authorities (FDA, EMA).

Important note:

- The results of the Polymyxin conference in Prato, Italy, May 2013 have been published in Lancet Infectious Diseases

Meetings 2014

  • The annual meeting and post-ICAAC symposium will take place on September 9th, 2014 in Washington DC
    Deadline for abstract submission: July 8th 2014
    See Annual meeting for more information

Workshops at ICAAC 2014

Sessions at ICAAC 2014

  • Nephrotoxicity of Colistin and Polymyxin B: Are They Peas in a Pod?
    Limitations in the Pharmacological Knowledge about Polymyxins - Zahra Kassamali  
    Nephrotoxicity of Colistin in Patients: What Have We Learned? - Keith S. Kaye 
    Mechanism of Polymyxin-Induced Nephrotoxicity - Jian Li 
    Is Polymyxin B More Nephrotoxic than Colistin in Patients? - Alexandre P. Zavascki
  • The Challenges with Old and New Drugs for the Treatment of Tuberculosis
    Role of Product Development Partnerships for Unmet Needs - Melvin Spigelman
    In Vivo Efficacy Assessment of Antituberculosis Agents -  William R. Bishai
    Pharmacokinetic Variability and Tuberculosis Treatment Outcomes - Charles Peloquin
    Academic Perspective of Tuberculosis Drug Development - Scott G. Franzblau

  • Poster sessions

  • Role of Pharmacogenomics with Anti-Infective Agents

    Moderator:  William Hope

    Presentations/Presenters:  David W. Haas and Munir Pirmohamed